End Type

An end_type object represents a high-level description of how a region ends.

Data Item Type Required/ Optional Description
beat number required The beat, relative to the region, at which the end_type begins
event text required The type of event. See below for values
type text required The specific action to perform. See below for valid values

Note: The beat of the end_type is relative to the start of the active region. This can be thought of as “the ending starts on beat X of the region.”

Valid values for type depend on the value of event:

event Value Valid type Values
ending ringout (currently, the only supported value)
transition cut (currently, the only supported value)

Example – Ending:

    "beat": 64,
    "event": "ending",
    "type": "ringout"

Example – Transition:

    "beat": 64,
    "event": "transition",
    "type": "cut"