Instrument Group

Instrument Group

An instrument_group object is a collection of one or more individual instruments. For example, a drum set is really a collection of many individual instruments (snare, tom-tom, hi-hat, etc.), but a guitar would be an instrument_group with only one instrument. This allows working with collections of related instruments in a more convenient and natural way.

All instrument_group objects used within a span must appear in the span objects instrument list. That is, if an instrument is “added” to a region,” it is really added to the “full score” that is the span, although it may only play for a short period. Where and what an instrument plays is influenced by a region, but stored in the instrument_group itself.

Data Item Type Required/ Optional Description
instrument_group text required The instrument_group id
statuses array optional An array of status objects


    "instrument_group": "drumkit",
    "statuses": [ ... ]