Find Descriptors

Find Descriptors

The primary high-level control over the music is the Descriptor used for a Region. The API Entities endpoint provides a list of available Descriptors, but sifting through the entire list is often not the most useful way to find what you are looking for.

Mood and Style Tags

Every Descriptor is “tagged” with one or more moods and styles denoting aspects of what the resulting music should convey. The Entities endpoint also provides a way to query what mood and style tags are available.

Note: Not every combination of mood and style exists. These tags are intended to be used as filtering parameters when searching for desired Descriptors.

The general method for finding Descriptors by mood, style, or any other applicable tag, is:

  1. Get a list of available moods and/or styles
  2. Choose the one(s) you are interested in
  3. Get a list of all Descriptors
  4. For every Descriptor
    • Check its attributes.tags list for the id of the tag(s) you are interested in
    • If the Descriptor contains the tag(s) you are looking for, keep it, otherwise remove it

You will be left with a list of Descriptors that all contain the tag(s) you are looking for. The exact behavior of this approach depends on the logic used in step 4.1, which can typically be one of two approaches:

When using a “logical and” approach, you will get fewer (more specific) results when asking for more tags, where as “logical or” will give you more (less specific) results. There is no single correct approach; it depends based on the use-case.

Once this filtering has been applied, any of the remaining Descriptors should be appropriate options to request the intended music.